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Lightweight clear PVC strip blinds for refrigerated equipment and small doorways.

In most supermarkets and grocery stores, between 40% and 60% of electricity bills are for operating chilled or frozen food and drink display cabinets. Much of this power is used to chill warm air which gets into the cabinet from the shop

Transparent PVC strip curtains can reduce electricity bills by preventing the warm air getting into the cabinets, while still allowing easy access fo customers.

An independent study undertaken on behalf of the Department of the Environment (United Kingdom) showed that the installation of Chiller blind's strip curtains can reduce energy costs by an average of £100 per annum for every two metre cabinet fitted with strip curtains.



In summer and winter, external PVC curtains keep your buildings at the temperatures you choose.

Whether you want to keep the heat in or out, our curtains will make a clear difference to your heating and air conditioning costs. PVC strip is the safe and simple solution to the problem of constant pedestrian and motor traffic.

Perfect two-way vision satisfies safety considerations whilst the costs can usually be recovered in a single winter.

When the outside metal door is closed, the savings can be even greater thanks to the double glazing effect which can halve the door's heat loss.

Cold Rooms

Whether the cold is chilled or sub zero, Thermastrip industrial is the ideal solution. Stop the cold air from escaping into the warehouse environment and improve working conditions, whilst at the same time saving energy and money.

PVC strip is available for both ambient and sub-zero temperatures.

The Thermastrip installation rail comes in 984mm sections with pre-drilled holes for facia or underneath fixing.

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