Slow Rise Manual Night Blind

Most Refrigerated Chilled Display Freezers were designed to use Insulated Nightblinds.
Insulated Night Blinds installed on commercial Multideck Chiller and  Storage Cabinets maintain temperature, increase storage times and save electricity running costs.

Refrigeration Plant works less and more Efficiently

Historically, uncontrolled retraction of the blinds meant damage and a shorter lifespan.
That has now changed.....Collage_cassettes

This Blind is the Flagship of our Range
 Faults that became apparent over the years and still found in other manufacturers products have been eliminated to ensure it is at the 'cutting edge' in terms of design and technology.

When closed down, these blinds can be released and will rise independent of any guided hand and dramatically reduce user operating time.
Because the Blinds rise slowly and under control of the braking system the possibility of damage to the blind or danger is lessened

Manufactured as complete modular units that are factory set and tested, these blinds are ready to use after snapping them in place into pre-fitted brackets.

 Instead of using domestic type springs ours are to industrial specification and lock into a roller tube that is specially profiled so that the spring head can never dislodge and subsequently lose its tension as so frequently happens with other night blinds.

The fitting rail is scalloped so that it can still be easily clipped into the 'snap-fit' brackets, even if large headed screws have been used.

Two types of end brackets are available in two different sizes.

  A one piece injection moulded bracket that is now predominantly used on a range of blinds we manufacture for use in an outside environment.

        A powder coated 2mm thick metal bracket that has the facility to increase or decrease the tension of the spring without dismantling the blind.

 We can now customise your night blind and fine tune it to a particular installation by turning the screw in the end cap with a flat bladed screwdriver.

Our Supplier Organisation is highly motivated ISO 9002 Compliant
Manufacturer that is at the forefront of Technology in this field.



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