Insulated Night Blinds and Curtains 

In most Supermarkets and Shops 40-50% of the electricity consumed is for operating Frozen or Chilled display cabinets and freezers.

Most of that cost is to chill warm air from the shop.

If  Blinds are not used the Refrigeration plant is cooling the aisle as well as the cabinet during closing hours.

Apart from the Electricity cost, the refrigeration plant is working harder than it needs to and shortening its lifespan.

Night Blinds save money in the following ways:

  • Lower Electricity Costs when Store is Closed
  • Lower Refrigeration Maintenance Costs
  • Less Product loss
  • Longer Shelf life
  • Fast payback from Day 1

    We manufacture night blinds to size up to 2500mm for manual and 3750mm for electric.

    Quick Professional Installation by trained installers to replace or  Retro-fit to all major Refrigeration Cabinet Brands as well as most 
    Deli serve-overs.
  • The following Sections  of your store would benefit
  • Dairy
  • Meat/Deli
  • Island Frozen foods
  • Seafood
  • Beverage    
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  • Service 26 Counties in the Republic of Ireland.
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