Cassette Blinds For Island  or Chest Type FreezersDolans_Cabinet_fridgeSF

These replace the Outdated Polystyrene or Perspex Covers.
These are installed  along the spines of Chest Cabinets in lengths of up to 2500mm.
Cassettes can be joined to cover whatever lengths required.

Primarily all cassette systems produced by other manufacturers were designed for 'well' type freezers and as such do not have the space within to accommodate more than 1.8 metres of fabric with widths usually restricted to 1.875 metres or more commonly 1.25 metres. This precludes their use on many multi-deck cabinets where drops in excess of 2 mtrs are required. More often, design restricts the configuration that would allow the cassette to be fitted in horizontal or vertical positions. This together with their restricted widths can make an installation look 'bitty' when multiplexing long runs of freezers or multidecks.


Let us help you raise your company's profile, advertise a particular product or simply put a message across. Many companies over recent years have seen and taken advantage of what could be classed as dead space on a night blind when it is closed. Whilst the main function of the blind is to save on rising energy costs, it was noted by the more innovative how advantageous it would be to utilise the space to reap extra benefits.

This particularly applied to retailers who are open longer hours but need to close off specific areas or cabinets within the shop or store.

The message became clear...

Retailers have used the blinds to close off alcohol areas advising their customers at the same time of opening hours, others for corporate branding and some to advertise or promote their products.

Whatever your requirements, we can print any image from single to full colour on part or all over your screen. Your imagination is the only limitation!

This service s available on both our manual and motorised blinds and we can offer many solutions for different applications from the blinds running in channels to lockable bottom rails for extra security.


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